Northbrook School District 27
Science Curriculum

8th Grade Energy and Motion Unit

Unit Overview
The Unit Overview contains a summary description of the unit and individual lessons. It features essential/unit questions that align with the unit benchmarks.

Unit Blueprint
The Unit Blueprint is a comprehensive table that aligns individual lessons, essential/unit questions, benchmarks, and assessments.

Unit Benchmarks
The Unit Benchmarks provides a list of benchmarks (learning goals) for the unit. Project 2061 by the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences was used for selecting enduring, developmentally appropriate benchmarks. The benchmarks are organized by chapters from Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

Assessments and Lab Sheets

  • Assessment on Lessons 2-4
  • Students Sheets:
    • 5.1 (Graph Elastic Force)
    • 5.2
    • 5.3
  • Students Sheets:
    • 6.1
    • 6.2
    • 6.3
  • Student Sheet 7.1
  • Student Sheet 8.1 and Work Problems
  • Student Sheet 9.1 (Power)
  • Student Sheet Work/Power Problems
  • Formal Assessment on Lesson 5-9
  • Roller Coaster Group Project and Rubric
  • Scooter Boards in Motion
  • Formal Assessment on Motion and Coasters


Research on Student Misconceptions
Research on Student Misconceptions contains research about common student misconceptions related to the unit of study. Research from the Research Base (Chapter 15) of Benchmarks for Science Literacy is primarily used. Additional research is used to supplement areas not addressed by Project 2061.

The Resources web page provides an annotated bibliography of web sites, videos, and books related to the unit of study. It contains hotlinks to relevant sites.


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